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Press Release
Re: Lice Patrol Brings “The Shepherd Method™” to San Francisco
Contact:  Martina Mitchell


In-Home Service Brings Proven Lice Treatment Method to the Bay Area

     San Francisco, CA. (09/25/08)-  Just mention the word head lice and you’ll see even the toughest individual run for cover. Find lice on the sweet heads of our innocent children and you’ll find parents throughout California begging for help. Fortunately for parents in the Bay area there is a new resource in town. Martina Mitchell, founder of Lice Patrol, San Francisco’s newest treatment option, knew there had to be a better way to deal with head lice. Now after traveling to South Florida to train with Lice Solutions Resource Network, Inc. (, the only nonprofit treatment organization in the country, she  is ready to assist parents in the Bay area with a full range of services including head checks, the most up-to-date lice education and for those that need it- complete nit removal services.

Martina is a Mother Who knows what it’s like to find lice on her child’s head. “she stated. I wanted to be part of the solution but  didn’t want to put up a shingle without receiving proper training first”.
Eager to provide parents in the San Francisco Bay area with the best service possible, Mitchell  traveled to West Palm Beach, FL., where she participated in an intense training program that ensured she would recognize even the tiniest of nymphs. Now as she joins similar services from areas like New York, Boston, Texas and Wisconsin, whose owners also trained at Lice Solutions, she is comforted in knowing that she too is providing  parents with the newest lice information and the most effective treatment possible. 

“I  was  really impressed with Lice Solutions. They do this for all the right reasons” Mitchell commented. “Their director Katie Shepherd is recognized as one of the top lice experts out there. She has traveled the world working with head lice and works closely with several Universities. Why wouldn’t  I want to learn from the best?”
Offering in-home nit removal services Lice patrol is able to provide families with one-on-one attention and the convenience of having assistance come to them. “ knowing how frustrating this can be, I wanted to make it as convenient as possible, by offering to treat them in their home it also make it easier to check the rest of the family” Mitchell explained. “Aside from the actual treatment process I learned that you check first and ONLY treat if necessary. While one-third of the moms end up having lice, less than one-percent of the dads do. It’s just not necessary to treat everyone.”

Martina  said she was most impressed with Shepherd’s thorough strand-by- strand process as well as her ‘treat once and then recheck’ philosophy. “It makes sense” Mitchell stated. “If you do it right the first time, it’s just not necessary to treat and retreat. Why would we want to put our children through unnecessary treatments much less waste money needlessly? You do, however, have to consider who else you have had contact with and that is one thing we want to make clear to our clients."

Mitchell, a native of Ireland, said she hoped that one day to be able to provide similar services in her homeland.
Lice Patrol takes pride in using only safe nontoxic products. Their goal is to help educate families in more proactive measures in hopes of reducing the number of reoccurring cases seen each year. While the majority of cases are primarily found in school-aged girls, head lice are an equal opportunity parasite. For more information about their services you can call them at 415-566-LICE or visit them on the web at
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