Stage 1
For at home screenings, all family members are checked for head lice. Any that have a lice infestation are treated. The length of the treatment depends on hair length, thickness and infestation severity.

Stage 2
As part of our head lice treatment, we use a safe organic products to help loosen the eggs. Next, we do a thorough comb-through with our lice and nit removing comb. In this step we remove most of the parasites and eggs until combing is clear.

Stage 3
We utilize the "Shepherd Method," which is a manual method of removing eggs from hair, strand by strand.

Stage 4
Parents will be shown how to perform a quick daily treatment that they can use to avoid getting re-infested now and know how to treat lice in the future

Stage 5
All instructions need to be followed, and a follow up recheck is highly recommended, in order for us to guarantee our treatment.

We do not guarantee the removal all nit castings (which are empty, non-viable, egg shells) Usually 98-100% of the nit castings are removed during the treatment but occasionally a few can be missed because they are small, deflated, and still glued to the hair.  Empty and dead egg shells can not create a lice infestation.

Follow up treatment process at home

What you will need

*Nit Free Terminator comb or steel nit comb equivalent
*Mint Spray or a spray bottle containing 1 part conditioner 2 parts water

Get in the habit of combing.  This is essential to maintaining the success of lice treatments.

"A comb a day keeps the lice away!" Since you are new at this, you might want to take 15 minutes each day for the first three to four days. Beyond that, comb every two to three days for the next three weeks. The life cycle of head lice is three weeks. Combing (and re-checking if you find something) during this time allows you to remove any missed evidence prior to it causing a new infestation. Beyond that, continue to comb two to five minutes regularly. That way if you child is ever exposed again, you will identify it early and prevent it from escalating or spreading to others

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