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Lice Patrol is a San Francisco based organic head lice company owned and operated by Martina Mitchell Martina is certified in the Shepherd Method™ of effective and natural head lice removal by Lice Solutions Resource Center Inc

As a mother, Martina experienced head lice first-hand. She was surprised to find that support, education, and reasonably-priced head lice treatments were lacking in the Bay Area.This encouraged her to form Lice Patrol. Her company provides an organic treatment for the removal of head lice. 

  • We provide our services in the comfort of your own home, using only natural organic products and a holistic treatment method for the removal of head lice

  • We provide workshops to educate and support parents.

  • We visit schools and perform screenings for head lice (San Francisco) on students and teachers - for information on school screenings please refer to link above.

We strive to increase awareness in our community about head lice, as well as support and education for parents in the process of head lice removal and prevention.
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Our staff can help with non-toxic  head lice treatments.
What are Head Lice?
 Trained & Certified in "The Shepherd Method TM" of head lice removal.

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Our network of "Shepherd Certified" companies continues to grow. If we are not in your area, please click here for a list of other Shepherd Certified companies around the country. 
Head lice are, tiny six-legged, blood-sucking parasites. Each leg is equipped with a claw enabling the louse to grasp onto the shaft of the hair. They range in size from 2mm to 4mm, approximately the size of a sesame seed. They can vary in color from grayish white to reddish brown. Head lice, like chameleons, have the ability to adapt to their environment.
Customer Review:
Fantastic.  Martina knows here stuff. Much more professional than the others. She comes to your house and is very reasonable in price. Had a quote from Hairfairies that was three times what it was with Martina. We are lice free now. Took the stress out of the situation.
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